Trump was just forced to backtrack on McCain slight in humiliating reversal

- 15.01

After purposefully making an unbelievably petty and insulting slight towards his late political adversary Senator John McCain by ordering the flag atop the White House back to full-mast after only two days and refusing to issue an official While House proclamation in his honor, President Trump was forced by public outcry to reverse his stance this afternoon.

CNN’s Jim Acosta called out the sudden change on Twitter.

With the conservative American Legion releasing an unprecedented letter today demanding that the White House follow the “long-established protocol” of honoring McCain, a long-standing member of the organization, with an official statement and lowering the flag back down, Trump capitulated and acceded to all of the nation’s largest veterans group’s demands.

Shortly after Jim Acosta reported the flag being lowered back to half-mast, the White House issued a statement, linked to in this tweet from CNN’s Congressional correspondent Phil Mattingly.

Shortly thereafter, the statement was followed up by an official Presidential Proclamation.

Tellingly, with the president unwelcome by the McCain family at the Senator’s funeral, Trump announced that the White House would be represented at the service by Vice President Mike Pence, Chief of Staff John Kelly, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and National Security Advisor John Bolton.

The backtracking by the Trump administration after the president’s initial display of callous and bitter retaliation for the opposition that McCain openly displayed towards Trump’s worst offenses is a major humiliation and a rare admission of a misstep by a man who refuses to ever admit to his many mistakes.

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