Sasha Baron Cohen just got a pro-gun Republican to suck his sex toy in incredible new video

- 23.11

Irreverent funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show where he humiliates right-wing nutjobs has gotten off to a flying start — and the latest episode does not disappoint.

His next victim is gun rights activist Dan Roberts, a repulsive toad of a man who made a name for himself by publicly disparaging the survivors of the massacre at Stoneman-Marjorie Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, for their gun reform activism.

Duping moronic gun fetishists into performing ridiculous acts has become a specialty of Cohen’s, as he has correctly realized that simply pretending to be an Israeli anti-terrorism expert is all you need to convince conservatives to loudly scream racial slurs, proudly proclaim their homosexual urges towards President Trump, and now to fellate a dildo on live television.

A disguised Cohen began by poking fun at Roberts’ youth shooting league (“How were you able to overcome your instincts and shoot the youths?”) before rolling into his first big prank — the diaper bomb.

Cohen told Roberts that 23% of Middle Eastern bombings were committed by children, which is of course preposterous but was immediately accepted at face value by the credulous Roberts. Cohen then presented him with four dolls in strollers and instructed him to remove the diaper with the “bomb” in it and place it in a garbage can.

Roberts began searching the babies before getting nervous and throwing the entire baby — not just the diaper as he was instructed — into the trash can.

“Why did you throw this baby in the trash can?” asked Cohen, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

Cohen wasn’t done there, however. His next lesson was about surviving beheading — by biting off the genitals of the man attempting to do the beheading. Strapping a dildo to his crotch, Cohen got the NRA-loving gun nut to grab his hips while thrusting the dildo into his mouth.

It has to be seen to be believed. Watch it here:

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