Alex Jones just showed his phone on camera and he was watching transgender pornography

- 18.24

Out of all the most despicable humans to ever plunge their meaty sausage fingers into the swamp of right-wing grifterdom, few have reached as deep as Alex Jones, host of the InfoWars show and website.

For years now, Jones has taken pride in peddling open white supremacy mixed in with truly appalling conspiracy theories, like the idea that the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school was faked and the grieving parents are just “crisis actors.” 

When he’s not harassing the families of murdered toddlers, he’s busy preaching virulent homophobia and transphobia.

“They’re now saying sex with machines or sex with cars or sex with appliances — there’s a whole big movement where people are marrying their cars, marrying their toasters, marrying their dogs, their cats, their horses….This is the breakdown with society, and if you don’t let somebody have sex with your car, you’re a homophobe, you’re a bigot…This is what they’re teaching kids now” raged Jones just this past December, only one of the many, many anti-LGBTQ rants he’s given over the past eight years.

Which makes it rather amusing to find out that he accidentally revealed that he likes to watch trans pornography behind the scenes.

A keen internet sleuth zoomed in on Jones’ phone during his latest video, in which he opens up the web browser and displays all of the tabs that he has open.

One of them just so happens to read “NAUGHTY TBABE MARISSA MINX,” which a simple Google search reveals is a trans porn star.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying whatever one chooses to enjoy from the internet’s endless catalog of pornography, the hypocrisy of using transgender sex workers to get his rocks off while basing his entire career on delegitimizing their very existence is just stunning.

An alternative interpretation by Twitter user Florence Ashley also does an excellent job of explaining Jones’ unconventional tastes.

Marissa Minx was unaware of who her newest fan even is and was taken by surprise when her mentions began exploding:

The rest of Twitter had an absolute field day with this discovery. Here’s a selection of the best responses (WARNING: some graphic material and language):

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