Trump just told immigrants to “get off his lawn” in bizarre, unhinged morning Twitter attack

- 09.23

Our 72-year-old president took to Twitter this morning to issue a national decree to undocumented immigrants, even those seeking asylum from the horrifying and likely-American-fueled violence in their home countries.

Railing against our “insane” immigration laws, old man Trump angrily demanded that immigrants get off of his lawn and doubled down on his calls to end due process for undocumented migrants, insisting that they be detained or deported without any kind of hearing to determine asylum eligibility.

Of course, the metaphor doesn’t do much to help the President’s case, as he’s essentially saying if there were families standing outside of his door and begging to be let in and seek shelter from a storm, he would tell them to scram and keep his doors locked while they suffered outside. Which he certainly would do.

As our nation reels from the sight of tiny immigrant children being locked in concentration camps and then being forced to defend themselves in court, it’s clear that our immigration system has indeed gone insane – but the solution to that is to tear the whole thing down and start anew, not double down on the casual cruelty of Trumpism or the quiet malignance of the Obama deportation machine.

For Trump to make this hateful call the day after the Fourth of July, the holiday in which we celebrate the wonderful things that the United States represents and the ideals which we inadequately aspire to is just more proof that he has no real idea of what it means to be an American – and has no desire to find out what that might be.

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