Trump just banned a CNN reporter for asking him “inappropriate” questions this morning

- 17.25

In a dramatic escalation of the President’s war against CNN and the truth, the Trump administration stunned the nation this afternoon when it banned CNN correspondent Kaitlin Collins from attending the press conference that followed Trump’s meeting with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Collins is being singled out because she dared to ask the President “inappropriate” questions about his humiliating attempt to get Vladimir Putin to visit the White House, and as we all know, Trump gets irrationally furious when reporters ask him anything that isn’t a self-aggrandizing softball question.

To ban an individual reporter from attending a press briefing is a new low for this administration’s already awful track record when it comes to dealing with the press and facing accountability from the public. Why even bother to have press briefings if they aren’t going to allow any substantial questions to be asked?

Trump’s constant attacks on the media are both part of a deliberate effort to discredit negative coverage of his policies, statements, and decisions but also the manifestation of his ego’s inability to deal with criticism or the slight hint of negativity directed towards him. Our reporters and the American people deserve better than this petty display of childish animosity.

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