Rep. Ted Lieu just hilariously trolled Trump’s NATO shenanigans with “helpful memo”

- 19.13

President Trump is in Europe for the annual summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization before moving on to visit allied nations, including the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Finland.

It’s been barely a day and he’s already disgraced himself on the global stage by behaving like a bully at the NATO meeting, attacking our allies for allegedly not “doing their part” and accusing Germany of being “controlled” by Russia for purchasing natural gas from them.

Since the first leg of his trip has already been such a disaster, prominent Trump critic and Very Online Congressman Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) took to Twitter to share a helpful little graphic explaining to our president how to discern friend from foe while he’s in Europe.

Unfortunately, it likely won’t have much effect, since the President seem intent on sabotaging our alliances and economic relationships and going out of his way to avoid anything that might even slightly resemble criticism of Vladimir Putin and the coven of oligarchs that run his country like robber barons.

But it serves to highlight how this administration is taking an ax to the most basic foundation of America’s position in the international community – and how important it is that Special Counsel Mueller and his team of crack investigators be allowed to finish the job and finally bring Trump and his cronies to justice.


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