Obama’s Director of National Intelligence just revealed stunning developments in DNC hacking case

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A top former Obama Administration intelligence official just revealed for the first time that America has a person who is suspected in the DNC hacking case of being the intermediary to Wikileaks.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Yahoo News podcast Skullduggery that American intelligence suspected an individual for his involvement in the DNC hacking case.

In March, The Daily Beast reported that digital forensics firm ThreatConnect traced Guccifer 2.0 to the GRU Russian military intelligence agency’s headquarters in Moscow. But Clapper’s admission means that US authorities most likely have far more puzzle pieces put together than anyone has previously suspected. Yahoo! reports:

“We had a suspect,” said Clapper. “I don’t know whether the suspicions we had at the time were conveyed [to Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller] or whether they were validated.”

U.S. intelligence officials were “pretty confident at the time but not sufficient enough to publicize it,” he said.

Of course, if American law enforcement does have a suspect in the DNC hacks, perhaps they preferred to spend more time collecting information on him or her, rather than telling the whole world, which could prejudice a jury.

Intelligence agencies don’t look to put those who break the law on trial, but the FBI’s counterintelligence division is a hybrid between law enforcement and intel, so they could have different priorities.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said publicly that Russia was not the source of the stolen Democratic emails he obtained and shared throughout the 2016 election as part of Russia’s plan to help Trump win the election.

But Clapper told “Skullduggery” that the WikiLeaks transfer “cut-out” was selected by the Russians for a reason — so that Assange could tell the world he did not get the DNC emails from Russian intelligence. “The real point was it was an attempt to ensure [Assange] plausible deniability,” Clapper said.

Now that we know the federal government has their finger on the specific actors involved, it seems more likely that we will get more specifics about Putin’s team of pro-Trump hackers when Special Counsel Mueller’s prosecutions begin.

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