Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary just went viral with surprise Father’s Day swipe at Trump

- 14.14

Everyone loves a good statistic. They take a larger concept and boil it down to an easy-to-digest list.

That’s why the Merriam-Webster dictionary tweets out the most-searched words to cross their search engine on a daily basis.

On Sunday, the de-facto dictionary giant tweeted out the top five words for Father’s Day, four of which were extremely predictable: father, dad, honor, and daddy (I like to think gay men single-handedly made that one happen, you’re welcome).

But one word, or more appropriately, term, also topped the list:

“Concentration camp” is apparently a topic on everyone’s minds – enough to make them look it up in the dictionary, at least. When those concerned internet users completed their search, the definition they found was as follows:

a camp where persons (such as prisoners of war, political prisoners, or refugees) are detained or confined.”

One critical piece of information is missing from the day’s statistic is the party responsible for conducting these searches. If they’re frequent consumers of Fox News propaganda, they’re surely close to bursting at the inclusion of the word “refugee” in the definition.

Republicans like to paint immigrants as criminals, as that is truly the only way to so dehumanize them as to sell the practice of pulling children from their parents at the border as some sort of sadistic deterrent to future border crossings.

Though asking the dictionary to define the American president’s policy of tearing families apart at the border is certainly not activism, it does suggest a shift in the populace’s attention to the matter – and also the verbiage they’re using to describe the situation.

If I may suggest a follow-up search, try “what can I do to get these immigrant children out of concentration camps?” and see how you can get involved.

The ACLU is a good start. So is calling your Senators and demanding that they co-sponsor Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill to halt this appallingly cruel program and return the children to their families.

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