Trump just plugged Mar-a-Lago in tweet about Barbara Bush‘s funeral

- 11.07

President Trump courted controversy yet again today with what looked at first like an innocuous tweet about former first lady Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Besides the obvious fact that Trump glosses over in his tweet, that his own first lady Melania is attending the funeral in his stead because Trump is not welcome anywhere near the memorial service for the woman who famously said “I don’t know how women could vote for” him, his referral to his gaudy Mar-a-Lago resort as “the Southern White House” drew critics who attacked the president for commercializing the presidency yet again.

Walter Shaub, the former Director of the Office of Government Ethics in the Obama administration, called Trump out on his crass and illegal attempt to drum up business for the pricey members-only club for his own benefit in a tweet sent shortly after the president’s.

Shaub perfectly captures the real motivation for Trump’s presidency, in fact, his primary motivating factor in life, the chance to make a fortune off of unsuspecting rubes that is the con man’s way.

Yes, President Trump, Barbara Bush’s funeral will be a beautiful day, but mostly because you won’t be there.

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