Stormy Daniels’ lawyer just publicly baited Trump and exposed his Twitter cowardice

- 13.24

Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes interview of adult film star Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, aired last night and pulled in a record number of viewers. Among other details, Clifford stated that she was never attracted to Trump, reiterated that she once spanked him with a magazine bearing his face on the cover, and alleged that a man threatened her in a parking lot to keep quiet about the affair. All in all, it was a humiliating event for President Trump.

Surprisingly, Trump has so far managed to restrain himself and resist what is sure to be a burning urge to tweet angrily about Clifford. In the past, the president has been quick to fire out attacks via his preferred social media platform. His hesitation to go after Clifford suggests that he might be afraid she has hard evidence of their relationship that could immediately destroy any attempts at denial of the affair.

Clifford’s lawyer Micahel Avenatti appeared on The View this morning. He drew attention to the physical threat leveled at his client and stressed how big of a deal it was. Avenatti then pivoted to the fact that Trump still hasn’t tweeted about Clifford, implying that the president’s silence signifies guilt.

“We have a president that will tweet about the most mundane things known to mankind. There’s not been a single tweet calling my client a liar, calling me a liar, or disputing what she said. What does that tell you?” Avenatti said.

It seems inevitable that Trump will eventually break his silence. There is only so much prodding an insecure narcissist like him can take before he finally snaps. Avenatti seems to know this and is egging him on. Only time will tell if the gambit pays off.


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