Melania Trump finally broke her silence after Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview

- 11.20

The First Lady has finally broken her silence on the sensational bit of television that had the nation glued to their sets last night – the interview, of course, between Anderson Cooper and adult film star, director, and writer Stormy Daniels.

Melania Trump curiously decided to remain in Florida with her son Barron after the President returned to Washington on Sunday, putting thousands of miles in between her and her philandering husband during the big reveal.

From the Trump estate at Mar-a-Lago, Melania’s spokeswoman fired off a short tweet following the broadcast with a simple message: defend Barron.

She’s absolutely right about that. If there’s any real victim in this whole thing, it’s Barron Trump, who is just eleven and never asked for any of this. He deserves to be able to have somewhat of a normal childhood – and sadly, deserves a far better father than the notoriously neglectful and distant Donald J. Trump.

That much is made clear by the way that the President’s eldest son, Don Jr., publicly begs for his father’s validation and never receives it. It would be a heartbreaking thing to witness if it weren’t for the fact that Don Jr. is a disgusting racist and an unrepentant misogynist who revels in spreading wild conspiracy theories.

We can only hope that Barron can escape this whole sordid affair without too much undue emotional trauma. The tragic irony of it all is that the fallout from Trump’s innumerable scandals will inevitably hit the people who don’t deserve it the hardest.

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