An MSNBC anchor just exposed Ivanka Trump’s “Women’s Day” hypocrisy with one brutal tweet

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This morning, the First Daughter took to Twitter in order to send a message celebrating International Women’s Day in an obligatory but ultimately meaningless display of superficial feminism.

While her sentiments are commendable at face value, Ivanka Trump’s failure to take advantage of her unique position as the President’s beloved daughter and as a White House advisor with an undefined portfolio to do anything at all to improve the lives of American women after promising to do so make her message nothing but empty and condescending platitudes of the sort her father delights in.

Ivanka Trump has refused to answer questions about the dozens of sexual assault and harassment allegations leveled against her father, tacitly discrediting his victims and demeaning their suffering.

Like her father, Ivanka made big promises during the run-up to the election, and like her father, has failed to follow through on most of them. Her half-hearted campaign to fight for paid maternity leave quickly fizzled and she ultimately abandoned her efforts to fight for the rights of LGBT women in favor of “preserving her political capital” for more selfish ambitions.

She still has not addressed or taken any action to ameliorate the inhumane working conditions that women suffer while creating Ivanka Trump-brand shoes and clothing in Chinese and Indonesian sweatshops.

All these failures and hypocrisies are why the First Daughter received such a robust condemnation on Twitter in response to her tweet, quickly racking up over 3,000 replies in a few hours.

A tweet from MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle perfectly encapsulates Ivanka Trump’s dedication to “feminism” in excellent fashion:

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

All talk and no action – the Trump way.

Here’s a collection of the rest of the best replies:

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