Trump was just exposed doing racist impressions behind closed doors

- 09.31

With how blatantly bigoted and often outright racist Trump is in public, one can only imagine the kind of vile comments he regularly makes behind closed doors.

Recently, he was outted for referring to El Salvador, Haiti, and all of Africa as “shitholes” while adding that the U.S. should court more immigrants from (predominantly white) nations like Norway. The comments were widely and correctly identified as racist and a coded call for white nationalism.

Now, more of the same kind of despicable behavior has emerged. The Washington Post reports that Trump privately affects an Indian accent and does a mocking impression of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi behind closed doors.

The Post adds that during a meeting last year, Modi criticized the War in Afghanistan to Trump’s face saying, “Never has a country given so much away for so little in return.” The news of Trump’s racist impersonation of Modi comes as the U.S. Army is discussing sending 1,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

The fact that Trump feels comfortable racistly mocking the leader of one of the United States’ key allies demonstrates the caliber of people he’s surrounded himself with. That is to say, the president believes his officials don’t mind or even outright share, his bigotries. The ignorance that he has carried into the White House is infecting the entire government.

Furthermore, U.S.-Indian relations will prove to be crucial as the world collectively moves forward into the 21st century. A close alliance, strategically and economically, between the world’s oldest constitutional republic and the world’s largest constitutional republic respectively will prove to be a cornerstone dynamic in curbing the ambitions of a rising China.

Now, more than ever America must cultivate close ties to the subcontinental power. One year into office and Trump is already, casually working to sabotage that relationship. The longer he stays in power, the dimmer the American future grows.

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