Trump just made a very telling Freudian slip in his latest cry for attention

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While our nation turned our collective mind away from the perpetually blazing garbage fire in the White House for a few moments to enjoy the Golden Globes, our needy and insecure President grew jealous and decided to soothe himself with some self-affirming Twitter boasts.

He wrote a selection from a New York Post article praising him by Michael Goodwin – but did himself no favors with his peculiar decision.

While the nation worries over his mental fitness to hold office, it is not an encouraging sign to see the President put the author’s personal email instead of a link to the article.

It is similarly disturbing to see that the President apparently does not know how to use the copy/paste function since he hand-typed the pieces he wanted to share.

We know that because the two don’t match – and the President made a Freudian slip for the ages.

He changed “consequential” to “consensual.”

The issue of widespread sexual assault and harassment against women in the entertainment industry – and in American society at large – was front and center at tonight’s Golden Globes, and the coverage, which the President is almost certainly watching, must have somehow penetrated the President’s sludgy, trans-fat clogged synapses.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by nineteen women. Was this an accidental expression of guilt, if he’s even capable of such an emotion?

Probably not, but it is a very interesting choice of word to use on this particular night. Holding the president accountable for his actions is going to be an extraordinarily difficult thing to do, but if justice is to exist in our society in any way, shape or form, then we must punish Donald Trump for a lifetime of predation and selfish cruelty.

Don’t be afraid to bombard Michael Goodwin’s inbox, either – he definitely deserves it:

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