The Republican Party just asked Twitter to wish Eric Trump a happy birthday and it backfired spectacularly

- 15.13

In an effort to tamper down the hubbub surrounding the explosive revelations in Michael Wolff’s explosive best-selling book, the Republican Party’s official Twitter account tried to pretend everything was all fine and dandy – and found a shady excuse to farm some email addresses and names to barrage with fundraising emails.

They sent out a tweet asking everyone to sign a birthday card for Eric Trump, the less prominent Trump scion and a top contender in the perpetually tied race for which Trump kid is “the dumb one.”

Of course, they should know by now that giving such an opportunity to the denizens of Twitter always backfires in a hilarious and spectacular way.

Here’s what people wanted to say to Eric Trump, the President’s large adult son, on his 34th birthday.



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