Sean Hannity just “lost” his Twitter account and Chrissy Teigen’s response is epic

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Last night, President Trump’s favorite propagandist and FOX News’ most deranged pundit, Sean Hannity, fired off a mysterious tweet and then went silent.

He hasn’t tweeted since, which immediately set Trump fans into a frenzy of suspicion, blaming some sort of deep state takedown trying to silence the truth of #pizzagate and how the liberal media is working behind the scenes to stop the real treason case being prosecuted behind the scene, which of course is targeting Hillary and Obama.

Hannity’s verified Twitter is still silent, but a second account has emerged that purports to be the maligned conspiracy theorist himself, tweeting furiously about how he’s being “silenced” and plotting his revenge.

Beloved supermodel, chef, and Twitter personality Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to mock him, delivering an epic burn that is quickly taking off on social media:

Whether or not that account is actually Sean Hannity – though it certainly behaves like he does – is besides the point.

The self-righteous sense of outrage exuded by insane conservatives like Hannity is all the funnier when it comes to something so petty and so meaningless as losing a social media account, especially since it’s inarguable that his absence has immediately improved the quality of the political discourse in this nation.

Hannity likes to portray himself as being constantly victimized by the liberal boogeymen and the shadowy figures in the “fake news media” – but if anyone’s “political” coverage deserves to be silenced, it’s his fact-free conspiracymongering that literally has put lives in danger.

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