Mitch McConnell just killed a bill to pay our troops during the shutdown

- 13.40

Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have just shut down their own government and immediately began desperately pulling out the cheapest tricks in the book to try and pin the blame on Democrats.

In an absolutely appalling show of ruthless opportunism, they began the negotiations by taking hostage the healthcare funding for nine million children – and now they’re crying crocodile tears about how the shutdown is affecting our poor troops.

The last time this happened, Congress passed a bill that would guarantee that the troops would be paid on time, refusing to punish our fighting men and women for the dysfunction on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) just introduced a similar bill – but it was immediately killed by Mitch McConnell himself in a show of cynical cruelty.

It is an act of political hypocrisy so heinous that it’s hard to understand how Mitch McConnell didn’t spontaneously combust into flames on the spot, let alone sleep at night or function like a person who isn’t a callous sociopathic.

It is beyond infuriating to watch the Republican Party and Donald Trump use our military as a cheap political bludgeon at every turn while refusing to take even the most basic steps to actually do anything to improve the lives of our armed forces.

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