Hillary Clinton just broke the internet with a powerful Women’s March tweet

- 17.15

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on Twitter this afternoon to shower her people with love as the former presidential candidate sang the praises of today’s Women’s Marches around the country.

With hundreds of thousands of women and their male supporters marching across not just the United States but around the world, several cities reported even larger turnouts than last year’s record march.

It was estimated that the march in Chicago, despite the frigid weather, attracted 50,000 more people than last year to reach nearly 300,000 participants. Los Angeles with its relatively mild climate was also estimated to have a larger crowd than last year with around half a million marchers crowding the streets of downtown LA.

Women’s Marches were also reported as taking place in locales from Rome and Frankfurt in Europe, Uganda in Africa, and Osaka, Japan, according to The Hill.

Inspired this year not just by the defeat of the first woman presidential candidate by a misogynistic accused sexual predator and adulterer, but by a series of sexual assault and misconduct scandals rocking the entertainment industry, as well as politics and many other areas, thanks to the #MeToo movement, women have been registering to run for ffice in record numbers.

If they and their supporters follow Hillary Clinton’s advice and show up at the polls this November, the length of our national nightmare will hopefully be shortened considerably and the long term victory will end up in the hands of the women whom Mrs. Clinton has inspired.

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