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Hawaiians woke up Saturday morning thinking they were about to get blown to smithereens when their mobile phones loudly beeped with an emergency alert shortly after 8 AM local time that read:

As you can imagine, receiving an alert like this caused a great deal of panic and alarm amongst the residents of our westernmost state. It wasn’t until nearly 20 minutes after the initial warning that the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency corrected the false alarm with a Twitter retraction of the alert.

It took a total of 38 minutes for the retraction to be sent through the emergency alert system causing considerable confusion amongst residents.

Patrick Granfield, a former strategic communications director at the Pentagon during the Obama administration, saw the alert and, once it was confirmed as a false alarm, came up with the perfect reaction to the situation, one that expressed what many people in the country were already thinking.

Nothing can express the distrust the American people have for the idea of Donald Trump having his itchy finger on the nuclear button like Mr. Granfield does in his five word tweet.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that the alert was a false alarm and that our President was blissfully unaware of the dangerous situation while on the golf course.


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